Core Competencies

Information Technology Support

At CyTech, we understand what it takes to secure a network

Information Assurance

We offer a full range of services in support of cyber security to include network hardening, network security training, policy development and implementation, vulnerability assessments, and intrusion detection.

Secure Systems Design

Our Systems Architects specialize in building IT systems that are secure form the start. Severs are designed, and then built, to defend against the latest threats. Rather than trying to secure an unsecure design our systems are designed with security in mind –and built to integrate into open or secure environments as appropriate. Our engineers currently support the Marine Corps Intelligence Analysis center building and running secure servers for the DoD. Cytech -Security baked in, not bolted on.

Systems Administration

Our System Administrators have the skill and experience to properly support your network infrastructure whether Windows, Linux, Mac, on-prem, or in the Cloud. Our cleared personnel have supported a diverse number of Federal and Commercial clients in both classified and unclassified environments.

Systems Engineering

Our cleared Systems Engineers have the experience to support your needs in design, integration, and management of complex systems over their complete life cycle.  CyTech Systems Engineers have supported a variety of Federal programs support both existing systems as well as bring new systems to Delivery via the ATO process.

Software Development/DevSecOps

Our cleared developers bring a variety of development languages and development methodologies (Scrum / Agile) to the software development life cycle of your project.  Our DevSecOps experience assures security is addressed up front in each step of the lifecycle and any new security issues are addresses as they emerge.