Core Competencies

Technical Analysis and Digital Forensics

Computer, Cellular, and Mobile Device Forensics

At CyTech, we don’t stop at the simple searches you see as the final product in other forensics labs. Our experts specialize in digging deep into the internals of the system to find every scrap of corroborating data on a system. Drawing on our past experiences supporting forensic investigations for the DoD, DEA, FBI, and Intelligence Community, CyTech is able to support any type of forensics case at any scale.

In one case, CyTech’s forensics efforts led to the recovery of $300M dollars, the largest asset recovery in IMF history.

Using specialized tools and techniques combined with our deep understanding of cellular networks, our analysts are able to map the physical layout of a cellular network. By combining that knowledge with the technical data from the call records provided by the carrier, our experts can definitively prove or refute the physical location of a mobile device at a given time.

Our experts can draw information from mobile devices that the users of those devices probably didn’t even know was there. This is not just limited to text messages and call logs, but also Internet surfing history, emails, location data, and much more.

CyTech’s forensics efforts led to the recovery of $300M dollars,
the largest asset recovery in IMF history.

Data Recovery

In our state-of-the-art laboratory, our expert technicians have the specialized tools and knowledge to extract data from damaged hard drives and flash drives that are now inoperative for whatever reason. From corrupt file systems to head crashes, we will get your data back.

Incident Response

CyTech’s experts have years of experience responding to network intrusions and are able to quickly identify and isolate intruders in order to minimize the impact on your business that these incidents will have. CyTech’s experts have made a career out of tracking intruders on networkers. Be it from script-kiddies to APT, we know how to protect your network.